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Make It Monday-Star Wars Inspired Valentines or Party Favors

Hi, welcome to the new Patty Cake Press blog!  We are really excited to have revamped our little corner of the internet.  With a new full fledged website we are hoping to:

  • Help customers navigate the ordering process
  • Offer tips for how to make our products look their best
  • Give more detailed images and instructions for all of our designs
  • Offer up lots of fun party ideas
  • Feature photos of our customer’s real-life parties
  • Fun projects, tutorials and how-tos

Today’s post falls under the last category and features a fun personalized Star Wars inspired take home.  We used these as Valentines but they would make a great party favor for your next Jedi Soiree.

Here’s the final product:


And here’s what we did:

First, I took a photo of our little Jedi in his favorite Star Wars costume holding a toy light saber with the “blade of light” collapsed down so that all you can see is the handle.  (I am sure that blade of light is not the correct term, but you get the point.  Don’t hate on me die hard Star Wars fans.)  I made sure to allow space to the left hand side so that I could add the glowsticks on later.  I took the photo against the darkest wall in our house.  The blurred stars and starburst pattern were added after I had done all the resizing and editing to the photo within Photoshop.


















I opened the photo  in Photoshop (but you can use any photo editing or desktop publishing program) and I added a rounded rectangle shape 4 “x .5” to represent the glowstick that would later be attached to the card.  This was the size of the glowsticks I purchased at Walmart (shown below)  I moved the shape to where his light saber would go.  I played around with the size and cropping of the photo until it was sized just right to print as a 5×7 with the  4 inch glowstick appearing as the blade of light.

Then I added the text to the top, leaving room for the glowstick on the right.  Then I DELETED the rectangle that was representing the glowstick so it wouldn’t print on the final copy.

I sent them to and printed them out as 5×7 DIY cards.  I usually choose a linen cardstock for my cards through mpix, but I went with their thickest cardstock for these cards.  Then I attached the glowstick with adhesive transparent glue dots.  You can find the glue dots at your local craft or big box store on the aisle with the scrapbooking supplies.


















Here is a pic of the glue dots and the glow sticks used.  I found the glue sticks at my local Walmart store in the party favor section.  There were 8 glowsticks  per package.


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