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Boys Gift Guide 2013

I have really enjoyed reading through some other bloggers gift guides this year, but I haven’t seen many for gifts for boys.  I have two boys, the oldest being seven, and I honestly am at a loss as to what to get them this year.  It seems like they have everything!  At least that’s how I feel when I’m picking toys up off the floors everyday!

This list is comprised of things our boys already have that have been big hits.  Tried and true.  So if any one else out there is struggling like I am, maybe this will help out. I tried to steer clear of electronic type gifts, because I think it goes without saying that most boys would love a Kindle Fire, iPod or Nintendo DS if they don’t already have one.  Please feel free to add comments with your gift ideas, I really need some:)

I also get A LOT of questions about photography equipment this time of year, so I will try to post a gift suggestion guide for that tomorrow.

(To purchase any of these items online, you can just click on the name of the item in blue, but I’m sure a lot of them are available at your local toy store.)

1.  Perplexus Maze Ball-  (Ages 6-99)  This was a birthday gift for my oldest son last year, and we pretty much all love it and play with it.  None of us have yet to master it.  It is a 3D maze where you twist and flip the round puzzles around to guide a little BB sized ball along the path from start to finish.  I love engaging toys like this.  There are several different versions of this toy, but this is the one we have:


2.  Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyers– (Ages7 and up)  This is a really cool book of paper planes.  They aren’t just any old paper planes though.  They are pretty complex and really, really fly it includes the full color custom designed papers that once folded look just like the star wars ships.  This is such a great activity for a rainy day.

Here are a couple of assembled ones:

3.  Rainbow Loom-(Age 6 and up) So I thought this was sort of a girl thing, but apparently the boys like it too.  It is probably the hottest kids gift this year.  This was also a birthday gift and I cannot count the hours our oldest has spent making bracelets out of the little rubber bands.  He has made Saints bracelets, LSU bracelets, UT bracelets.  He likes to take them to school and trade with his friends.  It really is the gift the keeps on giving.

4.  Headlamps- What kid doesn’t love a flashlight?  And one that attachs to your head leaving your hands free to build Legos??  Perfect!  These are great stocking stuffers.

5.  Blast Zone Inflatables-  (Ages 3-12)  [So, WARNING:  This is obviously much more expensive than the other gifts.  In our house this would be one of those group gifts that are given to all the kids, not just one individual.] I love inflatables.  We live in the city and have a fairly small yard, so I love that this can be inflated for a few days of fun and put away when we want our yard back.  We purchased the HyrdroRush Water Slide pictured below last summer and we used it all the time.  I wanted to rent an inflatable slide for a party we were having, but learned that most of the commericial inflatable rentals were too big for our small yard.  For just a bit more than the rental fee, I could purchase this slide which is the perfect size for our yard.  It was so great on hot summer days. If you live in a cooler climate, it might seem sorta weird to purchase this in the middle of the winter, but it can be used dry as well and the “pool” area can be filled will those fun ball pit balls.  Plus, this is just one of MANY awesome inflatables Blast Zone makes, and there are plenty of “dry” options like bounce houses and bounce/slide combos available.  I can really vouch for their quality.  I researched these things forever before making this big purchase and they seem to get great reviews and have the best residential quality bouncers you can buy.  This one is really great for boys or girls.

6.  The Action Bible– (3 years and up) If you are the sort that does the 4 gifts thing (something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read) , this might be a good book option.  It’s the Bible written as a comic book.  It’s really, really cool and visual, which is perfect for boys.


7. Lego Brickmaster Books-You can never go wrong with Legos for boys.  I love ALL of the books in the Brickmaster Series, Ninjago just seems to be the really hot thing right now.  But we have the Star Wars and City versions of these as well.  What is so great about these books as apposed to other Lego sets? In the words of Buzz McAllister in Home Alone, for three reasons: A.)  They include the minifigures (Lego men) that our son considers to be the best part.  2.) Rather than just being able to create one model, they include instructions for multiple models that can be built and disassembled using the included pieces. and D.)  They are priced really well.

8.  Disney Headbanz Game-(Ages 5 and up)  We had a lot of fun with this one last Christmas.  Each person wears a Mickey ears headband, and on their turn they select a card to place in the headband.  They don’t see which object or character is on their card, and they have to ask the other players questions (Am I an animal?  Am I blue?)  until they guess who they “are.”

9.  Collapsible Fabric Teepee– (Age 1 and up) This is such a fun present.  I bought one of these tents from a local dealer at our city’s Christmas craft fair a few years ago.  I feel like I got an awesome deal on it, because I think I only paid around $50 for it.  It takes all of 2-3 seconds to put up and take down. It tucks right into a closet when the boys aren’t using it.  It’s a great little reading spot. Ours is red and navy but this one on etsy looked fun:

10.  Ninja Turtle Dreamlight-Again, kids love things that light up…We don’t actually have this exact Dreamlight, we have the penguin one, but when my son spotted this one during a recent Walmart trip he said he was really bummed he hadn’t waited another year to get his Dreamlight, because he wanted this one instead.



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